Our Favourite Place in the World

A quick tale of our love of Iceland and how it has shaped our future love together.

Iceland is a special place for us both. We fell in love with it when we went last year so we made another visit this year and it is the perfect place for photography. Last year, we spent a week experiencing Reykjavik and the south east and south of Iceland, this year we had only five days to explore the west.

This year was extra special as I proposed to Sandra. She said yes! You can see the ring as well as the location of the special moment in the gallery. Londrangar are naturally formed rock ‘towers’ which looked like something out of an epic film like Lord of the Rings. It was the perfect spot. Unfortunately, the photos we took of Londrangar aren’t great due to the poor weather which wasn’t kind to us and we were ever so slightly caught in the moment.

Have a look at the rest of our photos below. Iceland is such fun, especially if you’re into photography like us.