Sunset on the River Thames

One of the last times we’ll see it before we leave London to travel the world

Today’s photo comes from Chiswick, along the river Thames earlier this year in March. I made the last minute decision to head down there to see if I could catch the sunset before it disappeared. I didn’t even have time to grab my main camera and my tripod so I only had my iPhone 5 to hand. Had I done so, I would have definitely missed this moment by the time I set everything up as this was my view as soon as I came alongside the river.

I’m going to miss my regular walks along the river when we move out of London but only after we come back from our trip around the world, which starts in six weeks. I can’t imagine I’ll be thinking of it when my wife and I are in an infinity pool 55 floors high above Singapore, cycling through Vietnam or visiting the vast landscapes of New Zealand.