Exploring the wonderful Lauterbrunnen valley

Back in June last year, Sandra and I spent a week in the wonderful Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland. We didn’t quite get the weather we wanted and when we did, the clouds hugged the mountains at every available opportunity, denying us the view we were after. That was a shame but we still had a great time and took some photos regardless.


I have to say I struggled getting the photos I wanted. Sometimes creativity doesn’t come easy even when you’re surrounded by a beautiful valley. Here we are in this glorious location surrounded by wonderful scenery and I was having trouble capturing it. I did end up getting some good photos but not quite to the standard I wanted.

Luckily, I stumbled across a few unexpected gems. Sometimes with photography, I just don’t know what photos will turn out well until I see them on a bigger screen and run them through the HDR process (using Photomatix Pro).

The main photo you see at the top was one such photo where I didn’t think much of it at the time, only to discover later how much I liked it once I saw it on my computer screen. I knew I wanted to capture the feeling of being high up with the valley below but I didn’t know it would work so well.

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