The Greatest Day of My Life

A beautiful location, a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful bride

Just a few hours before our big moment, I took the above photo (with my iPhone 5) of this great location in Portugal while I took a moment to reflect on this special day. This was a moment of calm before the big moment itself, although in truth, the whole day was calm for both of us. As I told Sandra during my speech, at no point did I ever feel nervous. Not when we got married, not when I proposed and not even on our first date. Everything felt right from the start.

That was the only picture I took during the day and I’m glad I got it because our photographer was busy capturing Sandra and her precious moments before she arrived, which gave me an insight into the preparations she was making. I put my suit on, spent five minutes doing my hair and I was ready. I’m pretty sure Sandra took a bit longer than that and she even kept us waiting by being fifteen minutes late!

After the ceremony, we all made a short trip to the harbour in Vilamoura to board our own private boat to head to a secluded beach with our friends and family, where we had a smaller more traditional, albeit unofficial, ceremony. The official ceremony had to be conducted in Portuguese by law and translated into English where registrar rambled on and on about how we need to find our own home, make sure our finances were in order and other needless statements, which I guess is the Portuguese way of marrying people but it was a little odd to us to say the least.

The Beach Ceremony

More photos from our big day including the amazing trip on the boat to the secluded beach and a fun beach photo shoot a couple of days after we got married:

In late September, a couple of weeks after our first anniversary as husband and wife, we’ll be heading off on a round the world trip for a year to explore some of the world. We’ll be going to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, America and Iceland.