The Supertrees of Singapore

The first stop on our year long round-the-world adventure

This is the start of something big for my wife and I. About a year before we stepped foot in Singapore, we had decided to sell our flat in London and go travelling for a year. This was a big move to take as we loved our flat in Chiswick in West London especially as we had this view available to use whenever we liked:


The view from the roof garden above our old flat

The timing happened to be just right for a number of reasons. We had just got married and if we didn’t do it now we may never get the chance further down the road. We also got lucky that property prices in London went through the roof and we were able to make a surprising profit, even though we only owned 30% of the flat. Don’t ask me how property prices work but we definitely got lucky and took full advantage. This made our decision to travelling for a year even easier because we knew it wouldn’t be cheap. We estimate it will cost us somewhere between £20,000-£30,000.

Gardens by the Bay

The main attraction for me on this visit to Singapore were the Gardens by the Bay. When I came to Singapore for the first time three years ago, I was fascinated by the bizarre looking structures I could see being built in the distance:


I was happy to return and see the finished creation up close and they are spectacular. In fact, the whole garden area is the most impressive man-made thing I have ever seen. The sheer scale of the supertrees, as they’re appropriately named, is impressive. Hopefully I’ve managed to capture the scale in the main image at the top. Look at the people on the bridge for some perspective on the size. Also, the photo below of Sandra on the walkway should show the immense size of the structures too.


More photos from around the gardens:


Sandra’s Photos